High capacity, high density, high quality
  • Four models
  • Unique bale performance monitor
  • 5-bar pick-up
  • Perfect over edge wrapping
  • Easy servicing
Precise shaping, ultra-dense fill
  • Consistent shape and length
  • Best-in-class knotter 
  • Dual-bale ejection system
  • ISOBUS-monitor ready
High-quality bale production
  • Easy access to key service points
  • Trouble-free pickup operation 
  • Heavy-duty feeding system
  • Gear-driven twine knotters
Handle heavy crops with ease
  • No slowdown in wet conditions
  • Smooth, productive ride
  • Four-point cab suspension system
  • Independent rear axle suspension
  • Two horsepower sizes
Smooth cutting, gentle handling
  • Dual sickles shear crops cleanly
  • Overserrated knife sections
  • Conditioning rolls crimp stems
  • Built for heavy crop conditions
Quality cutting at uncompromised speed
  • Handle tough crop conditions
  • Fast cutting speed
  • Industry-leading cutting widths
Fast cutting, quality conditioning
  • Easily handles tough crops
  • Flail conditioning for fast drying
  • Quick swath width changes
  • Quick adjust conditioning roll pressure
  • Shock hub standard on all models
Smooth cutting in heavy crops
  • Center pivot models
  • Custom-build windrows, swaths
  • Conditioning rolls crush, crimp stems
  • Quiet, dependable operation