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Corn header 


For use with Case IH combines, a range of high-performance, reliable and easy to operate corn headers have been developed. Efficient stalk-rolls pull down the corn stalks while deck plates snap off the cobs that are collected by the lugs of high performance gathering chains.

The clearance between the deck plates is adjustable to perfectly adapt the corn header to changing stalk and cob sizes. The adjustment is done from within the cab allowing immediate operator reaction.

Smooth dividers allow easy row penetration and unobstructed cob intake, so that Case IH corn headers maintain a high field speed, whatever the size of the stalks or the cobs. The dividers are made of a composite material. This provides a long life and their low weight adds to overall header durability. Gas struts support the dividers for easy checking or servicing of the row unit.

Gathering chains and lugs are made of high quality steel to provide long life and reliability in the field. The chain tension is automatic tensioned and there is a special tool to quickly remove them and reinstall them after servicing.

The best in class stalk chopper completes a perfect job, leaving a clean field behind. Two knives per row unit, offer a thorough and fine chopping and an even spreading of the chopped material. Quick and easy engaging / disengaging of any chopping unit is possible thanks to the individual gearbox with selector for each row.

Adapting the foldable versions of the Case IH corn header from operating to transport mode is quick and simple. Just fold up the divider points and from within the cab place the outside row units over the central ones by utilising hydraulic controls. The header will automatically take its most narrow configuration for road transport.

Folding back to working position will automatically re-connect all drives.
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