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Proven technology powers Case IH equipment 

Case IH has the unsurpassed advantage of partnering with one of the largest and most advanced engine manufactures in the industry: FPT Industrial. Case IH FPT high-horsepower engines not only meet the Tier 4B emissions standard but can reduce fuel consumption by an average of 10 percent vs. equivalent Tier 3 models. Case IH FPT engines combine with SCR technology to offer an industry-leading family of high horsepower Tier 4 engines.

Case IH high-horsepower diesel engines feature the world-class design innovation of FPT Industrial, one of the largest engine manufacturers in the world, with the ability to design and build the most advanced engine lineup in the industry. With more than 8,000 employees, 5 R&D centers and 9 assembly plants, FPT is a world-wide leader, building world-class engines for the off-road industry that range from 54hp to 1,024hp.



Case IH FPT high-horsepower engines come to you with an impeccable performance record. With years of productivity, thousands of operators, millions of acres and literally billions of service hours, these designs have proven their value.  



The high-horsepower engines in Case IH equipment features a four-valve-per-cylinder design for increased airflow and quicker throttle response. Having four small valves vs. two valves means the intake air enters faster and the exhaust exits quicker, which increases engine responsiveness. Plus, four valves per cylinder allows positioning the fuel injector at the center of the cylinder for better fuel efficiency.



 Model Year 2014 tier 4/Final FPT Engines




 12.9L Single Stage

 12.9L Dual Stage

Not Tier 4 B/Final for 2014 Puma 150-240 Magnum 250-380 Steiger 420-540 Steiger 580-620
Magnum 180-240 Steiger 370    
  Axial-Flow 5140 Axial-Flow 6140, 7140    
  Patriot 3240, 3340      


First introduced in 2006 Steiger Tractors, this engine is also at work in the largest Axial-Flow combines. It provides up to 10% Power Growth for logging the heaviest loads. Two versions are available: a single-stage turbocharger with electronic high-pressure unit injectors in Steiger tractors from 420-540 HP, and a new two-stage turbocharger with common rail fuel system in Steiger tractors 580-620 HP.
Engine Applications
  • In-line 6-cylinder for balanced power when you need it.
  • Fully roller overhead camshaft is reliable and maintains reduced fuel consumption as a result of less friction than a standard in-block cam design.
  • Wastegate turbocharger for maximum horsepower.
  • Bed plate block design with two piece block increases strength and ease of service.
  • Wet sleeve cylinder design allows high levels of durability, cooling and ease of service.
  • Cross flow cylinder heads takes advantage of natural air flow and provides excellent performance.
  • Factory exhaust break is fully integrated.
  • Intake air grid heater provides excellent cold weather starting.
  • Electronic high pressure unit injection promote fuel savings by injecting the exact quantity of fuel that is needed to deliver the horsepower that is required. 



First introduced in 2006 Axial-Flow combines, this 8.7L Engine is an ideal match for implements favored by mid- to large-scale row-crop farms. It's ready for the toughest field conditions, offering up to 14% Power Growth in 2011 Magnum tractors above 230 HP, and 2011 Steiger models below 375 HP. The Magnum version retains its traditional wastegate turbocharger, while the Steiger introduces an Electronic Variable Geometry Turbocharger.
Engine Applications
  • 6-cylinder, 24-valve, turbocharged/aftercooled
  • Single overhead camshaft with roller rocker arms
  • Wastegate turbocharger (Magnum) or electronic variable geometry turbocharger (Steiger) for optimum efficiency
  • Electronic high-pressure common-rail fuel system for responsive performance
  • Extended oil-change intervals save time/reduce maintenance costs


4.5/6.7L ENGINE

First introduced in Maxxum tractors in 2003, then Puma tractors in 2007, the well-known 6.7L engine has powered mid-horsepower Magnum 180-225 tractors since 2009. It uses an electronic high-pressure common rail fuel system for fast response in changing conditions.
Engine Applications
  • 4 or 6-cylinder turbocharged/aftercooled
  • Single overhead camshaft with roller rocker arms.
  • Standard or wastegate turbocharger above 210 hp.
  • Electronic High-Pressure Common-Rail Fuel System for quick response performance
  • Extended oil-change intervals save time/reduce maintenance costs