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Be Ready with Expert Service  

Your Case IH dealer knows best how to protect your equipment investment 

Your Case IH dealer knows your equipment better than anyone. That's because only he is trained by the organization that made your machine, and is well versed in the latest, most comprehensive service and diagnostic techniques. He can spot important maintenance issues before they become costly repairs and offer preventative maintenance and warranty plans that guarantee the lowest cost of ownership over the life of your machine. Combine that with special training programs and you'll be ready to take on anything that comes your way this season.


A Planned Maintenance (PM) Agreement is an arrangement between you and your dealer for future services at a predetermined price--and you can tailor it to meet your specific needs. This helps you budget maintenance costs--and eliminates the need to keep track of service requirements and intervals.

Our PM and inspection services provide:

  • Budgeted maintenance costs
  • Identification of problems and repair before failure
  • Increased productivity and less costly downtime
  • Documented maintenance for increased resale value
  • Reduced cost of ownership
  • Service by factory-certified Case IH technicians
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Genuine Case IH lubricants, filters and parts for peak performance


Guarantee your lifetime maintenance costs with a Planned Maintenance Agreement.

Case IH Certified Maintenance Inspections

After annual inspection services, your Case IH dealership will place an annual Certified Maintenance decal on your equipment, distinguishing your commitment to keep your machines running in peak condition. Not only does annual maintenance support productivity in the field, each decal symbolizes completed service - which may increase the resale value of your equipment.


Because Case IH technicians use customized maintenance inspection checklists for each inspection, you can rest assured that service is thorough and nothing is overlooked.

Extended Warranties

With one of the best parts warranties in the industry, you’ll have solid peace-of-mind. Unlike many others, we include the cost of labor when you service your equipment at a Case IH dealership. Reduce the cost of potential future repairs and protect your equipment beyond your base warranty with Case IH Protection Plans—available plans include Powertrain, Powertrain Plus Hydraulics and Premier. New equipment plans are available for protection periods of up to 60 months or 10,000 machine hours (whichever occurs first).


Talk to your Case IH dealer about which protection plans are right for you.